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Have an idea for a logo? Need an idea for a logo? Do you have an existing logo that's a bit mediocre or little dated? You're in luck! Logo design is AJ Hanley's specialty!









 Your logo the visual expression your business's identity. It needs to represent your values, beliefs, product and / or services. A logo should accommodating and be able to be transferred onto anything, anywhere and in any media. Can be applied one color, two color or multiple colors. A great logo will stand out against your completion and demand attention of your clientele. Speak to your audience visually. Say it with your logo. Let AJ Hanley help you build your brand. Starting with your logo.


AJ Hanley is your first choose in web design services. Offering attractive fully responsive sites that appear beautifully on all devices.

The creation of a new website to correspond with the branding of Cherry Creek Market. The responsive design is a necessity to ensure all sales flyers views perfectly on all devices. Putting all sale and promotions at the tip of your finger.


The Compound's site design is slightly complex. It's really three websites in one. This was done to give individuality to each of The Compound's businesses , while still maintaining continuity of The Compound Brand.


A website developed for Jerry Cannon's congressional race, with an updated design to drive forward Jerry's new campaign. A new freshened up logo was also designed for this campaign, that represents General Cannon's background.


Simple, clean website to give Jeffrey's Family Restaurant an online presence. Built from existing marketing material, but resigned to give Jeffrey's a more unified image.


In this day and age, it is vital to have your web page display on all devices. At AJ Hanley Design we build sites that do just that. Using today's industry standard in content management systems, we develop website that are not only visually attractive, but have a user friendly interface and make content easily updateable. AJ Hanley also is able to integrate all your social media assets, as well as creating web banners, cover photos and profile pictures to bring total continuity across your company's over all online presence.

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